Blues (NL)

The Hoochies

These men earned their reputation in these well-known blues bands in the Dutch blues circuit and put out many CD’s already which are known as defining.

They have met on many occasions and shared the stages in different settings. This resulted in the urge to share their passion of unpolished and raw blues, which was founded as the Hoochies.

What to expect: Greasy blues is on the menu, convincing Chicago style blues harmonica in the tradition of Little Walter, Sonny Boy and more recent bands as the Red Devils.

Don’t expect a band which is shy on stage. No, they will play the blues as if they are haunted by the devil himself! No doubt they will force you to join in.

“They just do what they promise. Make good music and amuse the audience” Bluesbreeker

The Hoochies recorded their debut CD “Live! Moulin Blues! in 2019.

Live! Moulin Blues


Richville is a new project by guitarist/singer Richard van Bergen and drummer Jeroen J Goossens, who have been sharing stages all over Europa for more than 20 years. 

Performing as a duo, Richville’s music can be described as raw and stripped-down. Inspired by the era where the Blues made a transition from acoustic to electric. 

Richville is a mix of trancelike Delta Blues & Boogie, with New Orleans second-line rhythms. 

After all, Blues music was originally dance music and not an excuse for the boundless shredding you hear so much these days. 

Richville wants to focus mainly on the essence of this powerful music: No fancy stuff, it’s all about the groove folks! 

“Hoog kippenvel gehalte door het vakmanschap van dit duo!” TheBluesAlone

Their debut CD “Richville” contains 11 originals and is mastered in L.A. by Martin Pradler. ( Ry Cooder, John Mayer ) 

The album was released in September 2019 on Tub Thumper Records. 

Richville Album

The Dynamite Blues Band

It’s februari 2013. A group of 4 friends, with a mutual love for Rhythm & Blues decide to accept the invitation to do a 1 time performance at their local bar. Not only did that first gig led to more requests. It was the vibe, the energy and the synergy that made the guys decide, this shouldn’t be a one time thing only.

The Dynamite Blues Band is officially been formed. They play quite a few shows, finding their own energetic, raw sound. That first year of playing, writing and jamming, together as a band was the foundation of their first album: Shakedown & Boogie.

Their first release, containing 13 original songs, was very well received and praised for it’s refreshing and versatile sound. The band gained not only regional, but national attention and played some of the best festivals in the Netherlands, like Ribs ’n Blues, Zwarte Cross and Kwadendamme Blues. They showed on populair national TV & Radio shows like “De Wereld Draait Door” & Radio Veronica.

Their second album: Kill Me With Your Love was released soon after. With an even more mature and developed sound. The band build a growing reputation for high energy live performances. Meanwhile their fanbase grew bigger and bigger.

The end of 2018 proved to be the start of a great year for the Dynamites. After winning the Dutch Blues Challenge and taking 3rd place in the European Blues Challenge, the band played in Poland, the USA, the Azores and had one of the best days of their lives when they played a sold out show, specially held for all their loyal fans.

Propelling on that amazing time, the band now releases their 3rd, highly anticipated album, containing 12 original songs: Medicine. The new album by the Dynamite Blues Band is stimulant, painkilling and extremely addictive. Influenced by the most diverse genres, the band stays true to their blues roots. The recipe is a dangerous mix of raw power, high energy and old skool songwriting. The Dynamite Blues Band made a musical prescription for every emotion. Making Medicine the only drug you need.

Dynamite Blues Band Albums

Blind B’ & the Visionairs

Blind B’ & the Visionairs is a Rhythm & Blues band, initiated by bassist Bart Kamp, aka “Blind’ B’ “.  The Visionairs’ are the best the Dutch Blues has to offer. The band members are all Blues Awards nominees and winners but will get out of their own comfort zone every gig. This often leads to very surprising songs an grooves, nothing is certain and everything is allowed. Every show is different and a surprise for the audience. Some projects for the band: SaRon Crenshaw, Kevin Burt, Jr Mack, Alan Haynes and Jim Suhler and the last project of Bart: Blind B’ and the Mercenaries